Amlogic USB Burning Tool

For Android Set Top TV Boxes requiring a Firmware Upgrade, a tool called Amlogic USB Burning Tool can be used to manualy download (flash) the Firmware Image to the Device when OTA updates are no longer available.

The Amlogic USB Burning Tool can also replace damaged firmware or repair a corrupted boot loader.

This tool is exclusively for devices. It is used to upgrade and/or restore Vendor firmware and as an alternative to Amlogic Bootcard Maker. The tool only runs under Microsoft Windows.



  • unpack the downloaded file
  • execute USB_Burning_Tool.exe

  • select Next

Accept the defaults at the next few screens.

Eventually, the installer will ask to install required Device Drivers:

  • select Next

Allow the drivers to be installed.

NOTE: If the drivers are already installed and of the same version, the installer will exit.

  • select Finish

Flashing Firmware

  • insert USB Patch Cable into Android device USB slot
  • open USB Burning Tool

  • select file
  • select import image

  • select firmware image
  • select open

  • wait for firmware to be verified
  • ensure overwrite key box is unchecked
  • click Start

  • insert USB Patch Cable to PC USB slot

The firmware upgrade process should start

Once the firmware upgrade has completed:

  • click Stop
  • exit tool

  • disconnect USB Patch Cable

  • The device might only accept upgrades over one specific USB port, frequently this is the port closest to the DC power inlet. Try each USB port.
  • The device might require to be connected by USB Patch Cable prior to starting USB Burning Tool. This is frequently true for older devices.
  • The device might require to have DC Power Supply and USB Patch Cable inserted simultaneously for the tool to work.
  • The device might need to be placed in recovery mode prior to connecting the USB Patch Cable:

    1. press and hold the reset button
    2. power on the device
    3. keep holding the reset button
    4. wait till the Android logo appears
    5. release the reset button

NOTE: Some devices have the reset button hidden inside the AV slot and a paperclip or toothpick is required.

From the menu bar:

  • select the second option from the left

USB Patch Cable

Depending the Device Board, the USB Patch Cable can be one of the following types:

USB A Male USB A Male
USB A Male USB C Male
USB A Male USB 2.0 Micro B Male
USB Connection Type Reference Chart

Video Tutorial

<html> <iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” title=“YouTube video player” frameborder=“0” allow=“accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> </html>

Video by the MXQ Project.


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