File Transfer

There are 2 easy ways to transfer files between a Personal Computer and CoreELEC:

1. Samba Network

This section covers file transfer using a Local Area Network and a Windows Personal Computer.

  • local Area Network with DHCP Server enabled
  • personal Computer connected to the network
  • CoreELEC device connected to the network
  • select Kodi Settings

  • select System

  • select CoreELEC
  • retrieve the device IP

  • enable Samba

  • open File Explorer
  • map CoreELEC storage as a network drive

To map CoreELEC's storage as a network drive enter in File Explorer CoreELEC's IP address preceded by a double backslash (\\device_IP)

eq: \\

2. Kodi File Manager

This section covers how to copy files from an external storage medium to Kodi, using the Kodi File Manager.

Before replacing configuration files in the hidden ./config folder with the Kodi File Manager, ''Show hidden files and directories'' & ''Allow file renaming and deletion'' need to be enabled

  • USB Mouse
  • USB Flash Drive
  • CoreELEC installed on device
  • optional: a USB Hub (ex: only one USB Port is available)
  • download the required files onto a Personal Computer
  • copy the files to a USB Flash Drive
  • insert the USB Flash Drive into an available USB slot of the CoreELEC device
  • optional: use a USB Hub if only one USB slot is available

NOTE: This example uses the file CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.3-Matrix.tar

  • in Kodi, goto Settings

  • select File Manager

  • select Add source

  • select Browse

  • select Home folder
  • select OK

  • accept default settings
  • select OK

  • select storage

  • select the folder the file has to be copied to (in this example: .update)

  • insert USB Flash Drive

  • ensure the destination folder is in the left pane, the files to be copied in the right pane

  • select the file to be copied
  • bring up the drop down menu
  • choose Copy

  • select Yes

  • reboot