What is Entware

Entware is a software repository for embedded devices like routers or network attached storages. It was founded as an alternative to very outdated Optware packages. Within five years of development several forks were born to run on NASes, PCs and new ARM routers. Now the x86, x64, MIPS, MIPSEL, ARMv5 and ARMv7 forks are merged into Entware.

Upon popular request, Team CoreELEC added a script to install Entware:

  • SSH into the device
  • enter installentware
  • reboot when prompted

Entware will be available once the device has finished rebooting.

  • SSH into the device
  • enter rm -rf /opt/*
  • reboot

After the device has rebooted, Entware can be installed again.


After running installentware it is no longer possible to establish an SSH connection.

  • execute from command line:
ssh DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS '/usr/bin/sed -e "s|^export LANG=\(.*\)|#export LANG=\1|g" -e "s|^export LC_ALL=\(.*\)|#export LC_ALL=\1|g" -i /opt/etc/profile'

SSH should function as normal again.


Entware is maintained by and supported by Team Entware.

Team CoreELEC provides no support for 3rd party applications.