Setting up a USB TV Tuner with Tvheadend

This tutorial covers basic instructions on how to install and setup a compatible USB TV Tuner under CoreELEC, and enable Terrestrial TV Service by the use of an indoor Antenna.

These instructions can easily be modified for use with a Cable TV or Satellite Dish subscription.

  • CoreELEC 19.4 Matrix RC3
  • Tvheadend Client (CoreELEC Repository)
  • Tvheadend Server 4.2 (CoreELEC Repository)

Installing the Tuner and Software

  • insert the USB TV Tuner into an available USB slot of the CoreELEC device
  • connect the antenna to the TV Tuner
  • boot into CoreELEC
  • install from the CoreELEC Addon Repository:
    • Tvheadend Client (PVR Clients)
    • Tvheadend Server (Services)
  • find the device IP address in System Information

  • using a Personal Computer, open a Web browser and navigate to the CoreELEC device running the TV Headend Server using port 9981


Setup wizard

Once connected to the web interface, the setup wizard should start automatically. If not:

  • select Configuration
  • select General
  • select Base
  • select Start wizard

  • select Save & next

  • enter under allowed networks
  • enter * in the remaining sections
  • select Save & next

The demodulator should appear under the TV adapters list:

If the demodulator is missing from the list:

- install the Crazycat and Linux DVB drivers from the CoreELEC Repository (Services)
- select different DVB drivers
- reboot the device and start the wizard again.

Unsupported hardware remains undetected.

  • select ATSC-T for anTenna
  • select ATSC-C for Cable
  • select Save & next

Depending on region (Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania), hardware setup, and device(s), the Network type can be different:

See Broadcast Standards by Country

  • select the corresponding mux
  • select Save & next

  • wait for the scan to finish
  • select Save & next

  • check Map all services
  • select Save & next

  • select Finish

  • select Save

Accessing TV Channels

  • select Settings

  • select Interface

  • select Skin
  • select Configure skin
  • select Main menu items
  • enable TV

The home screen now shows a TV tab.

  • Select Channels from the Categories Tab

  • Select TV Channel

Tvheadend Client Configuration

This is where any usernames, passwords, and settings previously configured via the Web Interface, would be entered.

To access the Client settings use the Add-on Browser and:

  • select My add-ons
  • select PVR clients
  • select Tvheadend HTSP Client
  • select Configure

Tvheadend support

For detailed configuration instructions, please consult the Tvheadend Wiki and the Tvheadend User Guide.

For help with Tvheadend, please visit the Tvheadend User Forums

The Tvheadend sources can be found on Github

Team CoreELEC provides no support for 3rd party applications.