Setting up a USB TV Tuner with NextPVR

This tutorial covers basic instructions on how to install and setup a compatible USB TV Tuner under CoreELEC, and enable Terrestrial TV Service by the use of an indoor Antenna.

These instructions can easily be modified for use with a Cable TV or Satellite Dish subscription.

  • CoreELEC 19.5 Matrix RC2
  • NextPVR Client (CoreELEC Repository)
  • NextPVR Server (CoreELEC Repository)

NextPVR Server supports following device types:

  • Digital DVB and ATSC Tuners
  • HDHomeRun Tuners
  • IPTV
  • Set Top TV Boxes
  • SAT>IP

Installing the Tuner and Software

  • insert the USB TV Tuner into an available USB slot of the CoreELEC device
  • connect the antenna to the TV Tuner
  • boot into CoreELEC
  • install from the CoreELEC Addon Repository:
    • NextPVR Client (PVR Clients)
    • NextPVR Server (Services)

The installation of NextPVR Server may take up to 10 minutes on slower devices.

Refrain from turning off or rebooting the device till the installation has completed.

Proceed to Addons/My addons/services/

  • open the NextPVR Server Addon
  • download and install Scan-Tables

  • find the Server IP address in System Information

  • from a Personal Computer, use a Web browser to navigate to the NextPVR Server using port 8866


default username admin
default password password
  • open the Settings page
  • select Devices

  • if the Tuner is missing, select ReScan For Devices

If the Tuner is still missing from the list:

  1. install the Crazycat and Linux DVB drivers from the CoreELEC Repository (Services)
  2. select different DVB drivers
  3. reboot the OTTV Box and ReScan For Devices

:!: Unsupported hardware remains undetected.

  • select the adapter (in this example ATSC)
  • select Scan Channels

  • select Save
  • select Not now at the Update EPG prompt

Setting up the EPG is region and provider dependent. Please proceed with securing the NextPVR Server and setup the guide later.

Once Server and Client Setup are completed, refer to the NextPVR Server Wiki for more detail and instructions.

  • select Access from NextPVR Server sidemenu
Web Login change admin password (default: password) :!:
Application Access add a pin code (default: 0000) :!:

:!: For security reasons, it is imperative to change default manufacturer passwords.

NextPVR Client Configuration

Proceed to Addons/My Addons/PVR Clients

  • select NextPVR PVR Client

  • enter:
NextPVR Hostname the ip address of the NextPVR Server
NextPVR Port 8866 (default)
NextPVR PinCode the pin code entered under Application Access

Accessing TV Channels

  • select Settings

  • select Interface

  • select Skin
  • select Configure skin
  • select Main menu items
  • enable TV

The home screen now shows a TV tab.

  • Select Channels from the Categories Tab

  • Select TV Channel

NextPVR Client and Server Support

For support with NextPVR Server, please consult the NextPVR Wiki

For support with NextPVR Client, please consult the Kodi Wiki

Team CoreELEC provides no support for 3rd party applications.