CEC Settings

The CEC Settings are a component of CoreELEC that provides the ability to finetune the CEC settings.

These settings apply to Hardkernel Odroid N2(+), C4 and Generic Devices with BL301 injected.

  • select Settings

  • select System

  • select Input
  • select Peripherals

  • select CEC Adapter

CEC Adapter

Function Default Settings Notes
Enabled ON ON, OFF
Switch source to this device on startup ON ON, OFF
Devices to power on during startup None None, TV and AVR, Amplifier/AVR, TV
Devices to power off during shutdown None None, TV and AVR, Amplifier/AVR, TV
Send “Inactive source” command on shutdown ON ON, OFF
Put devices in standby mode when activating Screensaver OFF ON, OFF
Put devices in standby by Screensaver on paused video OFF ON, OFF
Minutes standby is delayed after Screensaver is activated 0
Wake devices when deactivating the Screensaver ON ON, OFF
When the TV is switched OFF Suspend Ignore, Pause Playback, Stop Playback, Quit, Hibernate, Suspend, Shutdown
Devices to also put in standby mode ON ON, OFF
Use the TV's language settings OFF ON, OFF
Action when switching to another source Pause Playback None, Pause Playback, Stop Playback
Physical address 0
Force AVR to wake up when Kodi is activated OFF ON, OFF
Remote button press delay before repeating (ms) 300
Remote button press repeat rate (ms) 0
Remote button press release time (ms) 0
OSD Name CoreELEC CEC OSD device name, limited to 14 characters
Wake-up by Auto Power On ON ON, OFF Power/Power On function/Root menu
Wake-up by Streaming Path/Routing Change ON ON, OFF TV streaming route
Wake-up by Active Route ON ON, OFF The device is set as active source by the TV