Updating CoreELEC can be done:

  1. automatic
  2. manual
    1. via the CoreELEC Configuration Addon
    2. via USB Flash Drive
  3. via Samba share
  4. via SSH console.

CoreELEC can update from both .tar and .img.gz files, but .tar files are faster to process.


Auto-Update is enabled by default and tracks minor version updates, eq: CoreELEC 19.2.5 will update to 19.2.6, 19.2.7, etc.

Major version updates (eq: 19.3 to 20.0) are excluded from Auto-Update as they frequently require (3rd party) Kodi add-ons to be updated also. Broken add-ons are the main source of update issues.

With Auto-Update enabled, the latest update file will download in the background, then Kodi will prompt to reboot and start the update process.


Option A

To manage system updates manually, Auto-Update can be disabled in the CoreELEC Configuration Addon.

  • navigate to the Updates section of the CoreELEC Configuration Addon
  • select the update channel (CoreELEC major version)
  • specify the specific minor version to update to.

The update .tar file will start downloading in the background. Once completed, the system will prompt to reboot and perform the update.

Option B

Another way is by using a USB Flash Drive and the Kodi File Manager

View hidden files and folders has to be enabled in Kodi settings.

  • enable viewing hidden files and folders
  • download the CoreELEC image or update file
  • copy file to a USB drive
  • insert the USB Flash Drive
  • navigate to /storage/.update/ using the Kodi File Manager
  • copy the update file from the USB drive to /storage/.update
  • reboot

Samba Share

  • copy/paste the update file to the UPDATE folder of the CoreELEC Samba share
  • reboot upon successful completion of the file transfer

Secure Socket Shell

  • SSH into CoreELEC and navigate to the (hidden) update folder
  • cd /storage/.update
  • ensure there are no files in the folder
  • ls -la
  • download the update file
  • wget <path to update file>
  • force writing all cached data to disk
  • sync
  • reboot


wget https://relkai.coreelec.org/CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.4-Matrix_nightly_20211215.tar

Download locations:


Downgrading is unsupported by Team CoreELEC (and Team Kodi).
Any support requests will be ignored.

When downgrading, all kinds of issues arrise in the areas of:

  • Addon compatibility
  • Harware compatibility
  • System stability
  • System useability

These issues can be circumvented by creating a new installation on external media with the desired older version of CoreELEC.