Remote Control Unit Troubleshooting

Most Set Top TV boxes come with a Remote Control Unit supported under Android. Even though CoreELEC supports many of these remotes natively via the NEC Infrared Transmission Protocol, they may be missing functionality or act differently under CoreELEC.

IR Wakeup Feature

With some Generic Devices, CoreELEC requires additional steps to enable the remotes IR Wakeup Feature

Inject BL301 Blob Fix for Generic Amlogic Devices having problems with wake-up from suspend/power off by IR remote, CEC or WOL.
Configure IR Wakeup Code Guide: how to configure the IR Wakeup Code

Remote Controller Repository


Kore is the official Android Remote for Kodi, aiming to be simple and easy to use.

Kore is maintained and supported by Team Kodi.

To setup Kore, please consult the Kore Manual.

For support with Kore, please refer to the Kodi Community Forum.

Kore can be used for troubleshooting purposes, as a backup remote, or as a daily driver.

Team CoreELEC provides no support for 3rd party applications.