Display Settings

These settings are CoreELEC specific

  • select Kodi Settings

  • select System

  • ensure user level is set to Standard or better
  • select CoreELEC

Disable Noise Reduction Static Noise (snow) reduction
Tone map SDR to HDR Inverse tone mapping allows for upscaling SDR content to HDR
Tone map HDR to SDR Allows for maintaining high visual fidelity of content
Limit display colour depth to 8-bit Limits display colour depth to 8 bits
Use 4:2:2 colour subsampling Fix 4k playback black screen issue on some TV’s and AVR’s

Settings may differ depending on CoreELEC version.

Most CoreELEC Media Center Settings are compatible with Kodi Settings and perform the same functions. Please consult the Kodi Wiki for reference.

The Kodi Display Settings are documented in the Kodi Wiki.

For support with Kodi please refer to the Kodi Community Forum.

Kodi is maintained and supported by Team Kodi.