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Vacuum Fluorescent Display

These steps are only required for devices with a Vacuum Fluorescent Display similar to the one in the picture

  • Proceed to the VFD Repository
  • Find a configuration that matches the device
  • Download the file in RAW format:
    1. right click the Raw button
    2. choose save link as
  • If required, rename the file to vfd.conf
  • Copy vfd.conf to the /storage/.config/ folder of the device
  • Install the OpenVFD Service from the CoreELEC Repository with the Kodi Addon Manager
  • Reboot the device


While the display for most Generic Devices can be enabled by following the steps above, certain devices require additional attention

Device Notes
A95X R2 This device requires a custom device tree which can be found in the device tree folder of the boot medium.
Z69 Pro Some additional steps have to be performed prior to making the display work. These steps can be found here.

Video Tutorial

Video by the MXQ Project.