The remote configuration files must reside in specific locations, or the operating system will be unable to use them.


Files downloaded from the Github-hosted Remotes Repository must be saved as plain text.

  • Rightclick on RAW
  • Select Save (link) as


  • Rightclick on the file
  • Select Save (link) as

CoreELEC new installation

1. AmRemote:

  • copy remote.conf to main (root) folder of boot media

CoreELEC deployed

1. AmRemote:

copy remote.conf to /storage/.config/

2. Meson_IR:

   > copy KEYMAP file to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

   > copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config/

Android & Android TV

1. AmRemote:

   > copy remote.cfg to /etc/

Alternate location:

   > copy remote.cfg to /system/etc/