Creating Boot Media

This step covers creating CoreELEC bootable media.

Use the CoreELEC Download Helper to download the desired CoreELEC Edition (Stable, Nightly) onto a personal computer.

  • Select DEVICE and RAM/VARIANT to reveal which DTB to use.

The Download Helper assists in revealing which DTB to use with the selected device. Make note of the DTB name. This information will be needed in a later step.

If the device is missing from the list, the Download Helper can be bypassed by selecting skip that and just show me all download options, then selecting the generic image for download.

Write the downloaded image (in this example CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.4-Matrix-Generic.img.gz) to (μ)SD Card using image writing software.

Some disk utilties may require extracting the image prior to writing it to the boot medium

This example uses USB Imager

  1. Select boot media
  2. Select the downloaded CoreELEC image file
  3. Select Write

Once completed, the (μ)SD Card / USB Flash Drive capacity should show 512MB. The remainder of the drive will be initialized during first boot and become available as storage partition for CoreELEC user data.