Choosing a Device Tree

  • locate the correct dtb image file in the device_trees folder of the boot medium
  • copy the dtb image file to the main (root) folder of the (μ)SD Card
  • rename the file to dtb.img

Generic Devices are unable to boot without a working device tree

Unlisted Device

This list is for reference only and far from complete.

If the device is not listed by name, try all of the dtb matching the device hardware configuration to find one that might work with the device.

If some of the devices' functionality is missing, like Bluetooth or HDR, and the feature is supported by the hardware, Team CoreELEC might be able to help in the CoreELEC User Forums.

What to look for when distinguishing between a device tree for a generic or a supported device:

Device name SoC Hardware Device Tree Difference
Generic Device dtb TICTID TX6 Plus S905X3 4G/1000Mbps sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit Might work with other generic S905X3 devices
Supported Device dtb Banana Pi M5 S905X3 4G sm1_s905x3_bananapi_m5 For Banana Pi M5 SBC