CoreELEC for Banana Pi

These instructions explain how to install and boot CoreELEC on Banana Pi SBC's from µSD Card by use of a Windows PC. The instructions can easily be adapted for other Operating Systems.

These Single Board Computers come without an Operating System pre-installed.
Prior to installing CoreELEC, the Android firmware has to be flashed to the SBC.
Instructions how to flash the firmware are included in this document.

Supported Devices

  • BPI-M5
  • BPI-M2 Pro


  • PC with Microsoft Windows
  • Android mbox variant ui image (release 2021-05-20, Android 9.0 kernel 4.9.113)
  • AML USB Burning Tool v
  • Jackpal Terminal for Android
  • USB A-Male to Micro B Data Cable (M2 Pro)
  • USB A-Male to USB C cable (M5)
  • USB Remote Controller (ex: MX3 Air Mouse) or other USB controlling device (keyboard, mouse).
  • USB Flash Drive (for file transfer)
  • µSD Card (for CoreELEC)
  • Memory Card Reader




  • Visit the CoreELEC website
  • Select a version to download
  • The Download Helper will pop up
  • Select Skip that and just show me all download options
  • Download the generic image (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-xxx-Generic.img.gz)
  • Write the downloaded image to a μSD Card
Device Edition DTB SoC
BPI-M2 Pro 2G sm1_s905x3_bananapi_m2pro S905X3
BPI-M5 4G sm1_s905x3_bananapi_m5 S905X3

Flashing the firmware

  • Extract the BPI-M5 firmware archive
  • Start Amlogic USB Burning Tool
  • Import aml_upgrade_package.img (file / import image)
  • Ensure only 'erase flash“ and “erase bootloader” are checked and “normal erase” is selected
  • Press start
  • Connect the SBC with the corresponding USB Cable to an available USB slot on the PC.

Upon successful completion

  • Press stop
  • Disconnect USB Charger Cable from PC

First boot

  • Insert Remote Controller USB Adapter
  • Reconnect USB Charger Cable to PC USB slot
  • The SBC should boot into Android

Install CoreELEC

Once booted into Android:

  • Insert USB Flash drive with Jackpal Terminal Emulator apk
  • Insert µSD Card with CoreELEC
  • Install Jackpal terminal with apk installer (under Android aps)
  • Start Jackpal terminal
  • Type update reboot in the terminal and hit the enter key.
  • The SBC should restart from SD Card and start expanding the storage partition. Allow for the CoreELEC pre-installation script to finish.

Install CoreELEC to eMMc

For situations where it is desirable to run CoreELEC in dual boot with Android or as a stand-alone JeOS:

SSH into the device and execute ceemmc -x

Reboot to Android

In dual boot mode: to return to Android, choose reboot from eMMc from the power menu.