Troubleshooting CoreELEC

The CoreELEC User Forums are a great place to ask for help when running into issues with your CoreELEC installation. Opening a Support thread is a great way to solve an issue and a place where everyone in the community can contribute and learn.

In order for our volunteers to assist you better, there are a few things you can do before reaching out for help in the User Support Forums.

This document lists many options to cover as many scenarios as possible. Please read through them all and try those that apply to your particular scenario.

Prior to posting an error

Installing CoreELEC to, and booting from, external media such as USB Flash Drive or (μ)SD Card for troubleshooting purposes:

  • is the fastest way to determine if the issue is with CoreELEC
  • provides for a clean troubleshooting environment
  • protects your privacy when posting error logs
  • leaves the original installation untouched

  • Whenever possible, start with making a full backup to an external medium (eq: USB Flash Drive)
  • Generic devices REQUIRE Android 7.1 (Nougat) or greater installed
  • Always use the (unmodified) Kodi default skin (Estuary) for troubleshooting
  • Power the device off and
  • Unplug from the power source
    • leave unplugged for at least 60 seconds then
    • Power the device back on
  • Ensure the correct device tree was applied to CoreELEC
    • Ensure the correct update file was applied to CoreELEC
  • Try a clean install using the correct CoreELEC release and device tree and
    • restore addons and settings from backup or
    • manually re-install the “offending” addon(s)
  • Try a different (class 10) (μ)SD Card / USB Flash Drive and
    • Try a new (class 10) (μ)SD Card / USB Flash Drive (if possible)

Opening a Support Request

Our volunteers are unable to help you without your feedback. Collect (and provide) as much information as possible.

At minimum

  • Provide a description of the issue
  • List the steps you have taken prior to reaching out for support
  • Provide logs
  • Provide hardware information
    • Set Top Box / SBC
    • SoC
    • Memory Size
    • Board type

As needed

  • Provide Peripheral Information
    • Display type (CRT, LCD, LED,..), make and model
    • Amplifier make and model
    • Receiver make and model
    • Sound System type (TV Speakers, Soundbar, Surround System,..), make and model
    • TV Tuner make and model
  • Take screenshots (if needed use a cellphone to take a picture)
  • Provide detailed description(s) of the issue(s) including:
  • Boot method
    • eMMC
    • (μ)SD Card
    • USB Flash Drive


The example below covers the minimum required for troubleshooting purposes:

  1. description of the issue
  2. steps taken before reaching out for support
  3. log
  4. hardware information

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network

I am unable to connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network using a Realtek RTL8812BU USB adapter. Each time I attempt to make a connection via the CoreELEC Settings Add-on, either the Add-on crashes, does absolutely nothing or shows a failed status. (1 & 4)

I have tried two different RTL8812BU based adapters on a clean installation of CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix_rc1 booted from USB Flash Drive with the same result. Both adapters work fine with CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix stable, and on my laptop with Windows. (2)

Here is the crash log: (3)