ceemmc options

When CoreELEC is booted from EMMC, several options are available:

Option Description
Migrate Used to migrate the current CoreELEC dual boot installation on internal eMMC to a standalone installation
Use this option if Android can be removed. Gain access to the maximum available amount of storage from the internal eMMC.

There is no way to reverse this operation. Android will be permanently removed from the eMMC module.
Renew Used to renew the current CoreELEC installation on internal eMMC.
This option can be used if CoreELEC is for example no longer able to boot from eMMC. ceemmc will ask if data on internal eMMC /flash and/or /storage should be renewed.

Never use this option to update CoreELEC on eMMC. Be aware all existing data on the renewed partition, including user data, will be lost.
Copy Used to create a bootable copy of the current CoreELEC installation from eMMC to an SD Card or USB Flash Drive.
All user data on the partition chosen to copy to will be overwritten on the target media (SD Card or USB Flash Drive) . If non-existent, the current used CoreELEC partition layout will be created on the target media.

This requires the SD Card or USB Flash Drive to be formatted prior to copying the data over.
Backup Used to create a backup of the current CoreELEC installation on EMMC.
The backup data will be saved at: /storage/backup/emmc_backup/coreelec_flash if the flash partition is chosen


/storage/backup/emmc_backup/coreelec_storage if the storage partition is chosen on the current used CoreELEC boot device. When using migrate or renew with option backup, this is the backup that will be restored.

Any existing backup on the CoreELEC boot device will be replaced by the current backup when using this option.