Menu Item Submenu Default Notes
Fan These settings only apply if the hardware supports it!
Fan Mode Auto
Speed Level 0
Inject BL301 Blob OFF Resolve some issues with wake-up from suspend/power off by IR remote, CEC or WOL.
IR Remote Power Code Define default IR code used to wake up the device from power off/suspend.
MCE, Hardkernel, Minix, Beelink, Beelink 2, Khadas, Khadas VTV
Wake-on-LAN OFF
USB Power Enable/disable 5V USB port when in power off/suspend mode.
Device Tree These settings only apply if the hardware supports it!
System LED Heartbeat ON, OFF, Heartbeat.
SPI Interface OFF Enable/disable SPI interface on the GPIO pin header.
IR Protocol Type
eMMC Speed Mode HS200 HS200 or HS400.
DVB GPIO support OFF Enable/disable DVB GPIO support on the GPIO pin header.
WiFi SoC SDIO Speed Normal Normal or Slow.
IP1001 Ethernet Transceiver Not Assembled Switching to ‘Assembled’ enables gigabit LAN on select SoC S905X3 devices.
M.2 Slot Khadash VIM3 M.2 slot.
Vesa Mode OFF ON or OFF.
CPU Governor Performance Performance or Ondemand.
Parking OFF ON or OFF.
Parking TIme 10
Idle Time Disabled Disabled, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120 Minutes.