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What is CoreELEC

CoreELEC is a Just enough OS Linux distribution, combining cutting edge hardware support with a small disk and memory footprint while providing an efficient, elegant and non-destructive solution to deliver a complete Kodi Entertainment Center experience for Android-based set-top boxes using the ARMv8.x-A platform with Android 7.1 or greater pre-installed.

CoreELEC is maintained by Team CoreELEC

Supported Devices

In this Wiki, the umbrella term Supported Devices is used for devices with a support agreement between the hardware manufacturer and Team CoreELEC.

For devices outside this umbrella, the term Generic Devices is used.

Team CoreELEC officially supports the following hardware:

Generic Devices

There is an ever-growing selection of Generic Amlogic S9 family SoC based OTT TV Devices with Android 7.1 (or greater), which have been reported to work with CoreELEC.

Those devices receive support via the CoreELEC Wiki and the CoreELEC User Support Forums

Generic devices include Set Top TV Boxes such as:

  • NexBox A95X-B7N
  • Orbsmart S86
  • Tanix TX5 Plus
  • Turewell A95X F2